Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Icky Days"

Today was one of those "icky days". I woke up this morning and like every other morning, I headed off to the bathroom for my daily 1 hour makeover. I didn't give it much thought since I've been at this routine now for most of my life. I took my shower, blowdryed my hair, put my make up on and when it came time to see the finished product, the mirror wasn't being too nice to me. So... I tried again. I plugged the flat iron back in and re-did a few strands of hair... that didn't work. I got my eye liner back out and darkened the lines around my eyes with hopes to soften the puffyness... that didn't work. I needed a change of scenery, so off to the closet I went to see what I would wear today... YIKES!!! I looked in the mirror in the closet and it was just as rude. By this time, I was pulling for my husband's approval who so honestly confirmed my feelings of insecurity. He told me my outfit wasn't doing it for him and then suggested that I change. I couldn't agree more. I threw my shirt on the floor and tried again... icky, icky, icky! I flew out the door (running a little late) and when I got to work, I couldn't wait to get home so I could put on my sweat pants and call it a day... and you know what..? That's exactly what I did. I figure if I am going to have an "icky day", I may as well make the most of it with my slipper socks, a hair tie and a blanket. Can I get a witness?


Jen said...

Aw man..sorry you had an icky day! I know what you mean..I've been having those for about a month now! ha ha
Tomorrow though..NO ICKY DAY for you baby! You are gonna have a GRRRRRRRRRREAT day! I can't wait for tomorrow night!
Love ya!
Ps. I tried to call you twice your VM both times. bummer.