Monday, February 25, 2008

Well Done Punky Brewster!!!

Last night I bought my sweet daughter a cute little shirt. It is bright orange with little white polka dots all over it. When I brought it home to her, she was so excited. She dreamed up an outfit to wear to school today that was very "Punky Brewster". Some of you may not know who that is. When I was a kid, Punky Brewster was a sitcom about a cute little girl who always had funky outfits on. They never matched and they were always so funny. Needless to say, this morning when Belle left for school, she had that polka dotted shirt on, a gray mini skirt, camo leggings and shoes with big glittery stars on them. WOW!!! She thought she looked so good. Today when Belle came home, she had the biggest smile on her face as she told me she reached her reading goal for the third quarter. This is really an awesome acheivment since the term does not end for 3+ more weeks. I was so proud of her. We told her we would take her out to celebrate, and we get to go to McDonald's tonight... oh well, we made a compromise for our sweet little girl.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

"We did?"

Woops! That's a big boo-boo!
I got a call from Richie's mom this week and we were talking for 20 minutes or so when she let me know that we missed their 35 year anniversary. Needless to say, I felt awful. I wanted to wring my husband's neck. I know that this sort of thing usually falls under the wife's duties, however, in these cases, I haven't always been successful. I remember my own personal stuff, but I definately get an "F" when it comes to remembering other people's stuff. I would like to say that at this very moment, I will change and do better at remembering people's birthday's/ anniversaries, but I know that won't happen. It's not that I don't care, because I do. It's just that life never stops and there are alot of people in my life. I know that if I hear ahead of time about a birthday that's coming up or an anniversary, or something of that nature, I can make arrangments to get a card or present... no problem. It's when I don't hear anything about it ahead of time, and then the day comes, and I feel like a jerk. I despise that!
When it comes to anniversaries, I think they are mostly for the husband and wife (and adult children... I know it was bad to forget Mom and Dad's 35th anniversary... there is no excuse for me in that). Oh well, I'll have to think of a way to make it up to them later.

Monday, February 11, 2008

How Bad Do You Want It?

When we attended Bible School years ago, I had an instructor who often used the phrase, "How bad do you want it?" He would teach us things pertaining to the course and then he would follow the statements with the question, "HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?" As we went through the course, he must have taught us 100 different truths relevent to this phrase. It really hit me. Here I am, some 5 years later, and I am still trying to live in the truth of that statement. It goes without saying that life has been handed to us and we have the ability to make of it whatever we wish. Sure, there will always be a list of excuses. But the truth is that I will succeed if I really put everything I have into it. In essence, the only thing that stands in the way of me succeeding in something is my lack of really wanting it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Winter, Spring... Spring, Winter

Okay, I know the famous Oklahoma saying, "If you don't like the weather, wait until tomorrow". I have heard it and chuckled a bit when it was said. But I can't believe the weather these past few days. On Thursday, 5 days ago, it snowed. Snow= COLD!!! So we were excited for snow. But the very next day, the snow was already gone. Yesterday, we broke a record high and reached 81 degrees. It was beautiful.. Today, it's freezing and there is snow in the forecast for this evening. It's times like this that I really miss Cali. The weather at the Coast is so beautiful... and predictable. Around here, watching the evening news consists of the Weather Report which can be as addicting as a Soap Opera...

Monday, February 4, 2008


My husband and I were so excited to go out on a date last Saturday night. We had plans to meet up with a few friends for dinner and a movie. After a whole day of house work, an evening out was just what we needed. We got dressed and headed out to meet the group. We ate at Fish Daddy's which is one of my favorite restaurants... not only is it good food, it's also pretty inexpensive. Rich and I ate for all of $11.00- SCORE! After we were all full, we went to the movies. I was surprised at how full the parking lot was. I think that everyone in town was at the movies on Saturday night or something because the place was jumping. Anyway, I think we paid $16.50 for two tickets to see "Strange Wilderness". What we didn't know is that we all just bought tickets to be visually violated and morally uproared. Let me explian:
The movie was prefaces with some very tasteless previews about high school boys, college kids and their HORMONES... lovely! After a preview like that, I decided that my daughter is never going to be a teenager (hehe). The previews were only a prelude to the graphic content I was about to be exposed to in the movie. The very first scene opened up with some absolute loser smoking a joint. I am surprised that Hollywood gets away with so much in this area. It gets better, the next scene is filled with tons of swearing and I means tons. I know movies come with some cussing and what not, and I can handle that. But this was RIDICULOUS! I think we heard the F-Bomb 40 times within the first 5 minutes. So I thought maybe it wil get better, let's just sit here a ride it out a bit. Then, we were exposed to several naked women who were dancing for the camera... YEECH! As the movie went on, we got lots more of the same... swearing and vulgar sex scenes. I was shocked to see that the people who were in the theater with me were laughing and carrying on. How does anyone find this stuff entertaining. I could feel my skin crawling with every minute that went by. I couldn't believe they would actually show this stuff. Finally, after we were exposed to a borderline pornographic scene, I turned to my friends and said, "See you guys tomorrow"! I grabbed my husband by the hand and we high tailed it out of there. We asked for the manager and told him how disguisting the movies was and requested our money back. He said we needed to get back in line and they would refund our tickets, Praise God! As we were waiting, I saw that our friends were standing in the lobby. I motioned for them and they got their money back too. I was so affected by the contents of the 30 minutes in the theater, I actually had nightmares about it... GROSS!!! I would rather live in my little bubble than be exposed to junk like that. Next time, I will think twice before I take any chances on movies like "Strange Wilderness". Whatever you do, don't waste your money... not even for a Blockbuster night.