Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 3 and Counting

Tonight Belle and I just finished our 3rd round of Pilates together. I have to say, I am amazed at how devoted she is to the excercises. Actually, as it has happened, before we would do our workouts, we have taken a vigorous stole through the neighborhood. It is beautiful this time of year and we spend a lot of our afternoons together outside. So, one of our activities is to take Chewy on a "Two Poop" walk. It has come to be called this because if we go on a long walk, Chewy poops two times... hence the "Two Poop" walk... gross, I know, oh well, kids say the darndest thing...

Anyway, back to our exercises; the wonderful thing is that we are making a habit of hanging out together and having quality "Mommy/Daughter time" and we are doing exercises... who'd of thunk it!!! I can't say for certain that we will keep it up, but for now, it makes me very happy to see my favorite little person develop some good habits. Tonight after we finished, we even prayed and asked God to help us stay focused and to keep our bodies healthy.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm on a Roll

Scrapbooking... it's got me crazy right now. I almost finished my book for 2007 with 1 page left to go. I gotta be honest, the Christmas pages were a real drag. I like to do Holiday stuff, it's just that they seemed to be never ending. Check 'em out and tell me what you think.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm a Smart Alic

"Yep, and proud of it." Belle responded when I asked her if that is what she just called herself. I chuckled a bit and told her that "smart alic" is what adults call children who are acting badly. She disagreed and proudly wore her new found title. What's really funny is that she told the ladies at the gym tonight and they think it is just the cutest thing ever. I dunno... sometimes it's safe to say but most other times, she's my precious angel.