Tuesday, May 13, 2008

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother Daughter Tea

"Belle, do you want to go to the tea party next weekend?"
I was pretty surprised to hear her reply. She was thrilled with the idea... so, I bought two tickets to the tea! We entered her in the Hat Contest. We made her hat earlier that week and we were pretty convinced that she could win. Unfortunately, she did not even place, and she took it pretty hard. I looked at her face after the results were given; she turned beet red, and then... tears ran down her face. I felt so bad for her, I just wanted to scoop her up and take her to the toy store and buy her anything she wanted. I had feelings of childhood disappointments rush through my mind as I watched my sweet little girl go through the embarrassment {which was completely unnecessary, but for a child... I suppose inevitable}. After it was all over, I did take her to the store and bought her a Webkinz... and that seemed to make it all better. For her, I will post the beautiful hat that she paraded that day. In my book, she is the WINNER... and I don't care how cute the other girls were {I know, I sound BIASED... I guess I am} her hat should have won! Oh well, there's always next year... but honestly, I could take it or leave it when it comes to Tea Parties... too fussy for the likes of the Selleck girls.