Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mean People SUCK!!!

I know that my title is pretty descriptive but it is exactly how I feel right now. There are a couple of little girls we know who have made it their mission in life to be cruel to my daughter. They OBVIOUSLY do not have good parents who can teach them what it means to respect others. We have tried on several occasions to go over to their house and talk with their parents but it's like looking in the future at what those girls will become... BIG GROWN UP MEANIES'S!!! It's in times like these that I start thinking about home schooling. Anyone who know me, knows that I am not an advocate of home school... atleast not for my daughter, but I am so mad right now, I start to think that sheltering my daughter from the big mean world is the only answer. GRRR!!!


Domestic Diva said...

I hate that...trying to raise our kids to respect others and take responsibility...but there are MANY parents who don't care or think the world revolves around their children, they don't teach them manners.

I am sorry you are having a tough time...that really stinks. Pastor Bob said one time, regarding Christian school actually vs public school, that as parents we need to insulate our kids so they can draw on the strength of the Lord and not isolate our kids from the world....It is really tough though!

Jen said...

Nothing breaks your heart more than seeing your child being wrongly mistreated. Belle is such a strong and confident girl and you are teaching her right. She is going to grow up knowing who she is IN CHRIST and when that foundation is layed...nothing..not even MEANIE little girls or their BIG MEANIE parents can shake that.