Monday, September 1, 2008

"Pop In's" Welcomed!

Just when we were feeling a little sad that we didn't make big plans for the weekend, we had 2 "pop in's". Last night after we went for a long walk, I went upstairs to take a shower. It was still early in the evening and Belle came to tell me that Miss Jen is coming over to bring her webkinz, needless to say, we had the Jones family in for a while and we got to "catch up". It was an unexpected visit, and we really enjoyed it... even though I was in my pj's... with no make up (or bra)...yikes. :0) Then today around noon, Rich and I were getting ready to go get some lunch when Roy and Lisa stopped by. They were out exercising and came in to say "hi". They stayed awhile and after a nice visit, we invited them to meet us for lunch. So, we had two wonderful opportunities to see good friends and there wasn't even any preparation necessary. "Pop in's" are awesome. Too bad we can't plan for more surprise visits... except, now that I think about it, that's not possible is it? :0)


Jen said...

We reeeeeeeeeealy enjoyed ourselves at your house the other night too! I didn't say anything to anyone...but I was secretly hoping it would turn into a "visit" and not just me dropping off the webkinz! ha ha
I miss the times we used to have..when it was just the 7 of us...just hanging. no fancy agenda...just chit-chattin.
And you looked as cute as ever that night! No bra? Wow! Your girls must be perky! hee hee...I never would have known!
Can't wait for our lunch Friday!

Domestic Diva said...

I always debate whether to pop in on some people, some don't care for it....I love it! Y'all you pop in anytime!!!

Is your mom not with Bob anymore?

tori said...

i am so glad that you had wonderful visits. it is nice when friends come to visit and hang out. i miss our "sunday" visits. i will never forget the time we played hide and go seek in your house before going to dinner....
well lil friend i will see you later today.