Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Softball Saavy

Belle is playing softball on a recreational league in Broken Arrow. Her team is the "Roadrunner's". Even though this is her second season with the team, we missed the first season which put us a a little bit of a disadvantage since the girls had a coulpe of months to play together and establish first impressions, relationships, positions and the like. One of the things that all the girls got in that first season was "Nicknames" and they are really cute. Here are some of the names; Ace, Sugarbear, Pokey, Big Mac, Mad Dog, Krusher, V-Train... that's all I can think of right now. Each of the girls have their own helmets and the mom's bought some sticker's and tagged their daughter's helmet with the nicknames. This means that when all the cute little helmets are lined up on the fence, Belle's is the only one without a name. I thought that the name would soon come from the coach... not happening. So I decided that I am not waiting for the coach anymore and I am goimg to give Belle her own nickname so I can make her helmet just as cute as everyone else's.

Tori and I brainstormed last night and here is a list of possible nicknames we came up with: B-Bomber, B.B.Gun, Beamer, Brick House, Little B, Baby Bear, Bam Bam, Big Shot, Bee-Bop. We are strongly leaning toward Bee-Bop because it kind of sums up Belle's take on the whole softball thing. :0)

After showing this list to Belle, here are some of the names that she came up with: Mochy (her nickname since birth), Bumper car, Catfish, Kitty and Chewy (after our dogs), Blue Belle, Banana Split, Hubba Bubba, Tuffy, Slider, Big Red and BIG MAMA... she thought the last one was super funny.

So, tell me what you think.


tori said...

sweet belle, she is so precious. i had so much fun trying to brainstorm a nickname for our lil baby!!! i like bee bop too. that fits her so well.

Jen said...

okay..I'm sitting here at my desk LAUGHING OUT LOUD!! I can just see BIG MAMA on her little helmet! HA HA HA Too funny Belle!!
I like Bee-Bop but I also really like Blue Belle too!! Please take a pic when it's all finished so we can see!!
and be prepared for us to start calling her the new nickname!!