Thursday, March 12, 2009

SPRING (we're actually going somewhere) BREAK

We are going somewhere for Spring Break on Tuesday. I can hardly believe it, since in our whole married life I can't think of a time where we actually scheduled a trip on this holiday. Rich just reminded me... we were supposed to go two years ago but that trip was cancelled since Richie's dear friend Raymond died. Actually, it feels so good to be able to say that sad, sad day happened two years ago... the further we could get away from that horrible time, the happier I am. Okay, enough of that... now on to our anticipated trip. We get to go to Denver, Colorado and spend a few days with my aunt and her family. Her children are Belle's age and they are really the only cousins (second cousins) she has. We can't wait... we're going to get to do a little sight seeing and who knows what else. I have another cousin who lives in Colorado Springs and she just had a baby girl... we're going to get to meet her. It is a ten hour drive but we are planning to catch up on some reading and Goef and Jan Jackson lent us their animated CD series "The Chronicles of Narnia". What a delightful idea... can't wait! Is it Tuesday yet?


Jen said...

What FUN! I know you guys will enjoy getting away for a bit! You've been so busy ever since ya'll took over the Childrens Ministry--it seems. I hope the Narnia makes the time driving fly by! I will be believing for a safe trip there and back and that you have a wonderful visit with your family! Love ya!