Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Grown Up Bedtime Story

I'm almost embarassed to be "posting" since it's been a long 5 months since my last post. Oh well, it's still my blog and I can do whatever I want to with it, right? Tonight has been fun. Richie has been reading to me for the past 2 hours. It's a simple thing that I can honestly say means more to me than the usual sitting on the couch and vegging out in front of some Nick at Night reruns. Not only does it bless me, but I can tell that Richie is enjoying it as well. Neither one of us are "readers" but we have been persuaded to read "The Shack" which is a book traveling through the Christian circles right now. Wow... we are really taken by it. So far we have been emotionally choked by the despair of a father in his love for his daughter and intrigued by the passing thoughts about God from the main character. I am amazed at the way the author has described God and I can't wait what the next chapter has in store. Interesting... I really see how we could use segments of the book to illustrate the love of God and I am truly blessed by the truths retold in a fictional story and the by the way they are presented.


Jen said...

NUT posted? Yippeee!!!
Okay, so now you've got me interested...The Shack huh? Okay, I'll be on the look out for it. Maybe I can rent it from the library...???!!!! hmmm...

Domestic Diva said...

I read that book for my book club and we had mixed reviews. What do you think of it?