Monday, March 10, 2008

The Land of the Living

I feel like I missed out on a lifetime of experiences this past week. When I found out I had the flu, I didn't think it would have taken the toll on me that it did. This is the sickest I have been in a long time. I actually took 4 sick days and it wasn't for kicks... let me tell you. I stayed in bed most of the past 9 days. You always think it sounds great to stay in bed, then you can't wait to get up and out of the house. One thing is for sure, my house is really needin' a good cleaning and there is no denying it. I'm getting better, but I still think that cleaning the house will have to wait. I need to conserve my energy still... darn! Thanks MOM for taking care of your 32 year old little girl. It just goes to show that I still need my mommy.


M,J,B,G-n-Sam & Sadie said...

We'll never be too big to need our mommies, will we? :o)
Glad you're feeling better! Been missin ya!

tori said...

i am glad that you're on the mend. i know what you mean about having to stay in bed. like i shared with you earlier i feel icky in my joints and i wish i were all better. i am so glad that you're mommy was there for you, i still need my mommy from time to time too.
i will see you later..