Wednesday, September 3, 2008


It's no secret that I am not an exercise buff. However, I have always enjoyed the effects of a good Pilates class. It's a kind of exercise that focuses on lengthening and strengthening your "core". So, when I arrived at our first class yesterday, I never thought I would be SORE like I am today. WHAT A WIMP!!! Ahhhh, it's all good. I know in comparison to most of the human race, I AM JUST NOT IN SHAPE (hehe). However, for the direction I am going with overall health, this class is one of the most exciting things I have to look forward to in my week. We also got P90X in the mail last night... (it's all your fault Matt and Jen) which is something that my husband will set out to do. We just need a couple of hours to go over the material together so I can get him on track and then I will pick and choose anything I feel will be beneficial to me. I'm pretty excited about the nutrition portion...
On a personal note: Those of you who know me know that I have basically maintained the same weight within a 5 pound window for all of my marriage (pregnancy excluded of course). However, for about a month or two now, I have EXCEEDED that 5 pound window. It has really been bothering me, but this morning I stepped on my scale, and I am just below my high weight by 1 pound. OH HAPPY DAY!


tori said...

no you are not a wimp! i was already sore from the running and stuff, but today i seem more sore than yesterday... i am so proud of you getting in your window. way to go T! well hopefully i will see you tonight for a walk.
lil me